A strategic partner to ensure the high LEVEL Of storage and warehouse management

Warehouse management and distribution services are an essential component of any supply chain; selecting the proper location and facility type can optimize your operations and increase your speed to market.

Nketechnica can build a solution for the particular logistics requirements and warehouse management services demands of your firm with warehousing capabilities worldwide.

We will assist your distribution center management initiatives by lowering transportation costs, sorting and sequencing goods, and adding value to your supply chain. Our distribution and warehouse services enhance the efficiency of your supply chain with a whole global logistics solution.

Our warehousing solutions extend supply chain systems for aligning inventory management and fulfillment with modern buying procedures and provides visibility in real-time into the entire inventory, which can be accessed by smartphone and browser.

Whatever your market area, efficient warehousing and distribution services are critical to commercial success in today’s highly competitive environment. Our global distribution and warehouse management services are the cost-saving and fully optimized for both short- and long-term needs and provide robust benefits like:

Scalable Storage

We offer warehousing services in major trading zones throughout the world.

Inventory management

We enable you to achieve better control over inventory by controlling the incoming flow of products from vendors and stock storage until required.

Distribution and destination DC bypass

Expands product stream, lowers inventory and shortens series times where necessary.

Import deconsolidation

Allows consumers to wait until the product arrives at the port and is transferred to a flow-through / cross-dock center before deciding its final destination.

Logistic and Warehouse Management System

Improves incoming and outgoing warehouse operations and enhances labor while supporting your logistic and distribution model.

Value-added Capabilities

We work to your specifications, providing you the freedom to choose the most efficient and productive point in your supply chain for services such as light assembling, scoping, sampling, and specialist product identification.

How can warehouse management services be improved?

The most effective strategy to improve your warehouse management system (WMS) is to increase your operations. Scaling your business can be time-consuming and expensive.

You must understand the costs of storing your inventory, the number of workers required to pick and pack client orders, the type of logistics firm to use for which type of shipment, and the lowest shipping rates accessible among the logistics providers from which to choose.

How Can We Assist in Warehouse Management!

Warehousing and distribution company like Nketechnica provides you with a fully variable cost structure based on how much space you require and how many orders your company is likely to fulfill daily. We can set precise and cost-effective rates for your products, ensuring that our customers get the best deal possible.

We manage your overheads cleanly and efficiently, paying only for what your business requires right now while knowing that our scalable solutions allow you to rapidly and effectively raise your warehouse storage and order volumes as your business grows.