Cyber Security Services

Infrastructure technology is faster and more linked than before, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive cyber security policy.

Cyber security in operational technology (OT) is a multifaceted problem. That is particularly true when working with two distinct cultures, such as corporate IT and engineering and management on the other.

However, OT cyber threats do not exist in a vacuum and frequently originate within IT networks. As a result, a thorough strategy is required, and the two parties must often find a method to collaborate to establish common ground.

Nketechnica Cyber Security Services for Operation Technology

 Nketechnica has years of expertise dealing in both operational and IT domains. We think the approach should begin with processes when it refers to OT cyber security (cyber risk management). Industrial operators are not unfamiliar with risk management. They’ve been analyzing and mitigating risks for years and are experts at it.

We are committed to delivering robust operational technology (OT) cyber security services to help maintain your processes and employee’s security. Our cyber security services include everything from evaluation and consultation to deployment and professional services.

The rapid evolution of cyber security, the continuous lack of cyber expertise, and the accompanying recruiting and retention difficulties drive up demand for management services.

Nketechnica offers regular service contracts to handle essential infrastructure cyber security. These agreements may include proactive threat tracking, threat mitigation, and legal requirements.

Our operational technology (OT) and IoT security solutions safeguard non-standard applications, methods, and gadgets in your IoT and OT installations. We can plan, execute, and manage effective cyber security from devices to connect to the data center.

Methodologies and Architecture We Use

A vulnerability and risk analysis, area and conduit modelling, and an evaluation of cyber security information and requirements, recording systems, and data security are all part of our examination. We’ll offer our findings along with a prioritized action plan to ensure that your system is in line with industry best practices and performance regulations.

Following that, we will execute key actions from your evaluation or recruit our staff for your cyber security tasks, such as creating compliance processes, network segmentation, or deploying a stable detection systems platform. Identifying specific vulnerabilities and risks to crucial infrastructure systems is our area of expertise.

Our team collaborates with your organization in a variety of ways to enhance your strength and resilience, and OT cyber security skills and assist you in reducing cyber-related threats in your production settings.