Food and beverage Industry

A strategic partner to ensure the highest degree of consistency and traceability

We are experts in packaging and production processes and solutions for the food, beverage, and ingredient sectors, both in handling raw materials and consumer goods.

Food & Beverage Industry Problems

The Food & Beverage industry faces problems with increased demands for versatility and protection. Food manufacturers require constant development and investment to meet growing needs of new products to meet market demand.

The criteria set by laws and regulations, food safety standards, and digitalization must be considered in the early composition and planning phases of the food and beverage project when investing in an existing plant or an entirely new production plant.

Our specific operating model offers awareness of global process technology merged with an understanding of local circumstances to ensure that all requirements have met.

Why Choose Nketechnica for Food & Beverage Services and Solutions 

Nketechnica is specialized in food production and beverage processing and manufacturing. We provide projects and services that help you increase efficiency, enhance product quality, and minimize production costs.

We understand the criteria of protection, consistency, and traceability – both globally and locally. Together with our clients, we design and build effective, healthy, and environment friendly plants.

Our multidisciplinary engineering, consultancy, and project management services cover up the facility’s entire life cycle, ranging from studies to CAPEX investments and everyday operational support tasks.

Our specific offering includes all industrial plant activities, from raw materials handling to procedures, production line turnkey deliveries, and robotics, as well as auxiliary operations such as energy generation, buildings, and facilities. 

Nketechnica Food & Beverage Industry Services and Solutions

Food & Beverage Industry Solutions We Provide

Food & Beverage Industry Services We Provide

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