Flight Data Analytics

The Flight Data Analytics Suite is a collection of analytics tools designed by aviation professionals and assembled around a frequent flight information processing core.

The core technology, created to manage recorded flight information of flights and other relevant information sources, enables secure, customized access to a common data set throughout an operation. Each technology in the flight data analytics suite makes use of integrated data advanced analytics, allowing operators to get insights on issues that have the most significant influence on security, productivity, and the bottom line in record time.

Flight data analytics is based on regular data processing from revenue flights. These results are compared to pre-defined ranges and values to determine whether the aviation has flown outside of the scope of the standard operating rules.

Nketechnica Flight Data Analytics Solutions

Nketechnica Flight data analytics is a robust and highly adaptable solution that can analyze 100% of your flight data with little human involvement quickly and effectively. The platform manages time-consuming and failure procedures to help identify risks and increase flight safety while adhering to authority laws and the most recent guidelines.

  • Process of fast and automated reading and identification of variation.
  • Flight readout visualizations, trails, and reports that are comprehensive and dynamic.
  • Regular safety reports provide accurate information and protection trends.
  • An easy-to-use online interface, secure access permissions, and dependable data storage.

Nketechnica gives essential safety information to airplane operators by delivering complete reporting, analytics, and data representation straight to your safety team within moments of upload.

Digital flight data collected from the aircraft is examined to identify whether violations of fundamental aircraft limitations. The analyzed actions form a dynamic set that is constantly changing to accurately adjust to the corporate processes in place and aid in the collection and quantification of safety hazards.

Our customers get an advantage by combining several different data sources like meteorological, positioning, data, flight details, load charts, and more. We consider that outsourcing is the most cost-effective way to complete your flight analytics. It assists you in lowering your overheads associated with attracting and keeping specialist employees, as well as reducing the usage of flight crew for regular office work.