Remote Operations & digital Work

Remote Operations is a software solution that allows distant operators to access critical on-site HMI management and surveillance functionalities.

Remote Operations is a software solution that allows distant operators to access critical on-site HMI management and surveillance functionalities. A specialized secure network infrastructure, formidable credentials, and flexible access restrictions guarantee that virtual, mobile, and on-site operators may operate independently or in collaboration in a safe and critical infrastructure compliant environment.

With highly secure user controls, you can help assure employee security and operations integrity. Remote Operations is a secure connection appliance that involves two-factor verification, position, schedule, and devices security rules, session tracking and recording, and secured resolution data transmission. The solution satisfies critical infrastructure and several other compliance criteria.

Why do users choose Remote Operations?

  • Assure operational dependability and maintain your security and compliance.
  • In maintaining a distantly placed dual-fuel plant, on-site accessibility and remote specialist location options are required.
  • Efficiency for in-plant employees to customer equipment separately.
  • Before deploying an on-site supervisor, the gas rising facility was remotely started and troubleshot.
  • Two recently authorized plants provide flexible, contemporary remote/mobile capabilities.

Irrespective of the HMI solution in operation, remote and mobile personnel have safe and controlled access to equal on-site HMI visuals and critical operational settings. Minimal security, controlling room-managed access permissions, and active protections ensure secure and reliable operational flexibility for remote, mobile, and on-site staff.

Remote Operations Solutions Nketechnica Provides

Remote Operations delivers complete small/mobile operations and extra configurable operating capabilities in a highly scalable setup with backup. Nketechnica remote operation solutions are ideal for generators implementing remote and distant management as a regular, reliable operating approach for more plants due to its remote E-Stop and superior communication capabilities.

With a system like Nketechnica Digital’s Remote Operations, Power Generators and other industrial enterprises may implement remote personnel, variable sourcing, systematic and accurate, and independent operations. Customers demand precise access, per missioning, and protection of individuals that enable place operation without excessive risk, in contrast to security and management demands.

Our team assists power providers and other organizations in maintaining a continuous, dependable flow of electric generation via the network while increasing plant revenue and lowering risk management and internal control risk. Nketechnica operates mainly as a balancing mechanism for power generation and electric utilities. Still, it also provides power accounting, dynamic pricing scheduling, predictive modelling, supply investment management, advanced planning, power generation, and settlement.