Supply Chain Management Services

How does Supply Chain Management work?

Supply chain management is the procedure of merging supply and demand management within a business and throughout all of the supply chain’s numerous members and channels so that they function together as professionally and effectually as possible.

Supply chain management controls goods or services in a whole manufacturing flow to maximize quality, delivery, customer experience, profitability and transparency.

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management system consists of five fundamental components:


To meet client needs, supply chain managers must prepare ahead of time. That includes estimating demand, constructing the supply chain intentionally, and establishing how the organization will monitor the supply chain to ensure it is working as planned in terms of efficiency, offering value to customers, and achieving organizational goals.


An essential component of the supply chain is selecting suppliers who will deliver the items, raw materials, or services used to manufacture the product. Supply chain services managers must control the processes for collection, receiving, managing lists, and authorizing invoice payments for suppliers as part of tactical sourcing.


Supply chain managers must also assist in the coordination of all phases involved in creating the product itself. That comprises examining and accepting raw materials, producing the development, testing for quality and packaging. Supply chain management firms evaluate quality, output, and employee productivity to ensure they meet overall requirements.


Logistics is essential to supply chain management companies’ performance to ensure that products reach their customers. That involves order coordination, delivery scheduling, dispatching, billing, and payment receipt.


Supply chain managers require a network to support returning products. That includes remanufacturing defective products or simply returning the products to the warehouse. This network must be responsible and adaptable to meet the needs of its customers.

A compact network of supporting procedures can effectively monitor information across the supply chain management companies and ensure compliance with laws and regulations is the basis for each component.

Supply Chain Services We Provide

Nketechnica is the leading supply chain management services company that provides complete range of supply chain outsourcing services to assist businesses in driving additional value throughout the enterprise. Our team assists you in achieving outcomes, whether it is enhancing stock delivery through better supply planning or lowering transportation costs through innovative logistics management.

Nketechnica was the first to develop a worldwide operations model for providing high-value supply chain services. Our team delivers local market knowledge and worldwide expertise to your supply chain through offices and operations centers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We provide customized supply chain services and integrates your business demands before collaborating with you to produce solutions that fit your goals.

Frequently asked question

What is supply chain management and why it is important?

Supply chain management (SCM) is the process of optimizing the development and flow of a product, from raw material procurement to production, distribute goods and services to a company’s clients.

Supply chain management is significant because it may help achieve a variety of company goals. Controlling manufacturing processes can improve product quality while lowering the risk of recalls and litigation and assisting in developing a strong consumer brand.

Controlling delivery methods improves customer service by avoiding expensive shortages and overstocking periods. Supply chain management provides a variety of options to improve profitability measures, especially for large and global companies.