ICT Solutions And Services

What Is Information And Communication Technology (ICT)?

ICT (Information and Communication Technology and Technology) is a broad term that includes all technologies, communications equipment and applications, including Storage, various services, and acoustic systems that allow users to access, store, transfer, and interact with information.

Nketechnica provides reliable business solutions for IT infrastructure, data center, cloud and managed services. Our team provide the highest quality ICT services that bring actual results to global businesses. World-class ICT services provide complete, adaptable, cost-effective and keen solutions that enhance your ability to support your business and operational strategies.

Our company provide an integrated portfolio of consulted IT and IT support services, including ICT infrastructure services, consulting, business process services, data center services, global operations centers, IT security services and more. The company has specializations in various sectors, including retail and distribution, banking and financial services, coverage, telecommunications, creation, planning, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and travel.

ICT products provide the processing power required to drive a success!

Infraspace Cloud Services

A cloud computing solution that is ready to use for administering high-end applications.

By moving to the cloud, you can cut operational expenditures.

What is Infraspace Cloud?

Infraspace Cloud is a powerful and continuously developed cloud computing service. With a suite of dedicated advanced tools and frameworks, it can help you figure, achieve, update, and keep business applications.

The Nketechnica Infraspace Cloud product line modernizes your company’s IT environment, allowing you to quickly accelerate digital transformation, cut expenses, and deliver superior business results.

Benefits of Infra Space Cloud

No investment charges

There is no need for additional hardware, and payments are more flexible. What was the result? There is no downtime in the office, no investment expenditures, and charges are only paid for the used functions.

Reduce operating costs

We help companies of all scopes and businesses reduce operating costs depending on their business outline.

Complete Product Scalability

Our Infraspace Cloud can be adapted to match your company’s needs and specifications, giving you rapid access to its extensive functions.

Proven Security and Dependability

Our Infraspace cloud effectively stores, secures, classifies, and preserves your data by utilizing high-end risk management systems and cutting-edge security protocols.

Datacenter Services and Solutions

Start from the data center and finally in the cloud. Improve system and application efficiency while ensuring data security.

What Are Data Center Services?

Data Center Services include all technology and facility-related components that support the plans and processes of a data center. Our data center services include planning equipment, software or facilities in a data center; Services to assist in the design, management, support, update or modernization are included.

Our unique data center is built and designed to the highest standards of the TIA942 framework and is continually upgraded through the latest technology and standard implementations. Nketechnica data maximize the physical and logical security of your customers’ equipment.

By choosing Nketechnica data center services available in hosted and cloud models, you can completely transparent the price-quality relationship. That way, you’ll have explicit knowledge of how we can assist you in driving more significant business results.

Benefits of Data Center Services and Solutions

  • Our experts are maintaining the network on your behalf.
  • Our team provide the most significant degree of security and performance.
  • Enhance data efficiency and lowering operational expenses.

The most advanced security at every step!

Nketechnica Data Centers are distinguished by industry-leading standards, IT innovations, technically advanced design (Tier III and Tier IV), and various revenue models (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS).

Your data will continuously be updated, protected from disruptions, and kept in a backup recovery center, allowing you to be up and running as quickly as possible if an undesired incident occurs.

Our primary goal is to provide clients with services that are as secure as possible. We understand how important your data is to the growth of the organization. Thus, every piece of data processed at a data Center is secured using international certificates, leading regulatory requirements, essential privacy rules, national and global regulations, and physical controls.

Power cloud

Transform your existing IBM network into a cutting-edge computing environment in a matter of seconds.

What is Power Cloud?

Power Cloud is an intended solution that enables IBM power network users to transfer their existing IT systems to the Cloud.

Nketechnica Power Cloud platform, built on the company’s architecture, provides clients with all of the advantages of cloud-based systems, assures complete technical assistance, and offers a broad range of systems integration. Furthermore, Nketechnica Power Cloud includes the most recent virtualization and cloud control methods.

Benefits of Power Cloud Services

Managed Services

A set of dedicated and exclusive cloud management services based on IBM Power Systems technology.

Capacity on Demand

Dynamically expand the platform according to your needs and requirements.

Pay as you go

You only need to pay for the actual service consumption

Zero-Time Shutdown

Maximize service continuity, extend and move partitions without shutting down the system by running the backup instance remotely.

Managed Mainframe Services

Assisting you in operating, install, and maintain your modern mainframe environment Increase data efficiency and cut expenses by implementing managed mainframe services.

What are Managed Mainframe Services?

The mainframe platform is still regarded as the best platform for supporting large, data-driven IT systems and wireless applications. Managed Mainframe Services provide the necessary help on both a technical and a company level, allowing you to improve data efficiency while lowering administrative expenses.

They assist you in installing, configuring, and maintaining Db2 products, as well as tracking the performance of your mainframe and allowing you to alter its size to fit your company’s needs. The services are accessible in an outsourcing format, capable of transitioning your network to Db2 with ease and provide technical and operational support (remote/local) at all instances.

Managed Mainframe Services stands out as an advanced option for mobility mainframe systems add to the apparent functions and our policy of adhering to best practices in delivering high-level management of Db2 products.

Nketechnica Managed Mainframe Services were created to meet the primary issues of today’s mainframe sites. As a result, procedures and capabilities such as time and cost-effective project development, better capacity planning, workload optimization, and easy migration to DB2 12 are ensured, allowing you to maximize the usage of your platform.

Benefits of Managed Mainframe Services

  1. Reduce labour and administrative costs.
  2. Better flexibility and scalability and adjust the capacity and scope of service to meet your business requirements.
  3. Improve reliability, Security, and safety.
  4. Monitor performance, report, manage security, and process database changes according to the ITIL framework.
  5. The extensive product portfolio, including solutions from IBM and other vendors.
  6. Extensive training program and help your in-house IT experts acquire skills.

IT Infrastructure Services

Assisting you in appropriately managing your IT infrastructure Digital transformation is a journey that may require the assistance of a guide.

What are the IT Infrastructure Services?

Integration services include deploying new technologies on complete design, the addition of new capabilities through software updates, system relocation, and the integration of already used settings. Because the IT revolution is in full swing, collaborating with a seasoned technology partner is essential.

Placing your IT environment in the hands of Nketechnica engineers and analysts ensures peak system performance and availability. We provide a comprehensive range of IT services, all of which are tailored to our customer’s specific requirements to provide the best technical and business support.

Outsource your IT systems and services to us to improve business outcomes and lower operating expenses. Nketechnica assists its clients from the primary analysis phase and the procedure of building a new IT platform to the supply of suitable devices and technology, and finally to the deployment phase.

Benefits of IT infrastructure services

Cloud-Based Services

Most firms that are considering shifting to cloud-based platforms are concerned about security breaches.

High Return on Investment

A managed IT service provider (MSP) provides significantly more resources to assist your business for the exact cost as a small in-house team.

Increased Productivity

A healthy IT professionals on your team that is hired to design programmers or teach people.

Improved Up-Time Management

Every IT system must be updated regularly to boost efficiency and reduce downtime.

Reinvest in Your Firm

Budget limits frequently limit the opportunities that could help your business grow.

IT Risk & Security Management Network

IT Risk & Security Management is crucial for any organization in today’s rapidly world.

What Are IT Risk And Security Management?

Enterprises are digitizing, mobile, analyzing big data, collaborating on the web, and using cloud services to transform their business operations. Most of them do not consider company IT security strategy necessary and do not have enough security professionals on staff.

That, however, is a terrible strategy that will lead anywhere. Businesses should prioritize enterprise IT security. Nketechnica offers a comprehensive range of IT-related security services. Our IT Security Services provide businesses with a detailed, comprehensive view of their vulnerability environment, allowing them to be more effective in preventing sophisticated threats and mitigating business risks.

Nketechnica provides effective, reasonable solutions to companies looking for critical suppliers to outsource their IT system security. Tracking and analysis of information security, penetration tests, and security assessments are just a few of the services we provide.

Benefits of IT Risk and Security Management

Consistent Productivity

Each type of technology in your office serves as a tool for your staff to do their tasks; thus, they must be dependable enough to operate smoothly over longer durations.

Cost Savings

Replacing defective equipment and inefficient processes regularly can be rather expensive for your organization in the long term.

Increasing Employee Trust

Providing your staff with a low-risk IT environment will also assist them in developing a long-term professional relationship with you.

Loss Stress

Without an IT risk management system, the potential of significant security vulnerabilities or data loss will always bend over your head.