Application Modernization Services

Nketechnica Digital Transformation services have made a significant effect in the US market

Application modernization meets new requirements through refactoring and integration, helping legacy software programming more closely align with current business needs. That is a somewhat complicated process that requires skill and technology and attention to strategy and details.

Although technically many IT teams can complete this task, it generally requires more experienced and skilled hands to be successful.

Why do we need to modernize applications?

 The most common challenges of legacy applications provide strong reasons for modern business applications, including:

  • Inability to improve and introduce new functions
  • Unnecessary complication and maintenance costs
  • Complications on the path to digital transformation
  • Inefficiency in the workplace

Given these challenges, most businesses seek application modernization services to achieve the desired results.

Application Modernization Process

The basis of Application Modernization Services is the transformation of legacy software to create agility and efficiency through modern IT. Ideally, these services should reduce the unnecessary costs and maintenance load that old or outdated systems may be inflicting on your firm. Application modernization experts help the IT team discover new revenue generation strategies and models. Main steps of the process are following:

Evaluation of the Application

After gaining a deeper understanding of the current configuration, we developed a scope around updating the target application.

Understanding the Requirements

The main business requirements behind the modernization of the target application are exported for further analysis.

Application Enhancements

The application has been enhanced, easy to maintain, and securely installed on a highly scalable framework.

Choose the Right Platform

Applications are transferred to a new, efficient and economical technological platform.

Application Migration

Transfer new applications to the main operating environment without disrupting the process chain.

Application Modernization Services We Offer

Our application modernization services assist you in lowering expenses and reducing the amount of stress placed on your IT team, allowing them to focus on creating value and maintaining your business. Our experts assist you with the most pressing issues as well as the tiniest nuances.

We can assist you in making decisions on application restitutions, advancements, consolidation, and rebuilding. The result will be a more manageable, long-term solution for your submissions and platforms.

Application Development

We assist you in developing new apps to meet your business needs and cloud expansion.

Traditional Cloud Migration

We reorganize, modify, or redesign your applications based on your business needs for a successful migration.

Application Streamlining & Management

We use automation approaches for application management to improve the user experience. Also, we streamline from the list of applications you need to upgrade or migrate to the cloud.

Application Reengineering

We also help you reestablish or modify the code and design of existing and long-running applications.

Recoding Applications

With the help of modern programming languages, databases, and process frameworks, we can also restore your legacy applications built with outdated technologies.

Application Containerization

With the help of containerization technology, we can create independent application packages from your application.