Engineering SolutionS and Services

Fabrications, Water Control, Site Services, and Environmental are the four primary divisions of the Nketechnica Engineering Solution & Services

Despite the ongoing challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are focusing on the fundamental areas of our operational activities: ensuring the health and safety of all employees and the business continuity of our distribution networks. We adhere to all applicable government rules and have changed our working methods to ensure that our employees continue to work safely.

We understand how vital it is for our users to have a reliable partner during these trying times. Despite the lockdown, we would want to clarify that our engineering site teams and production facilities are still functioning during this period as we seek to supply critical products and innovative technologies to our customers. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will offer additional service updates as needed.

NkeTechnica Engineering Solution & Services

Nketechnica Engineering Services has provided high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective engineering solutions, focusing on the construction and operation of water, power, and environmental monitoring and control projects.

Current customers include water utility corporations, government departments, existing water boards, and building corporations, builders, and other manufacturing firms with both greater and smaller capacities than Nketechnica.

Fabrications, Water Control, Site Services, and Environmental are the four primary divisions of the Nketechnica Engineering Solution & Services.

Fabrication Solutions & Services

Fabrication is a broad concept for industrial procedures that transform raw or partially finished resources into finished components. Metal fabrication refers to the methods that form sheet metal and other kinds of metal into structures.

Nketechnica provides a wide range of steel fabrication services, including accurate jigs/frames up to 25T and massive structural framesets up to 1,500T. Our team offers complete resource and component traceability with each fabrication. 

Our facilities can produce individual parts, significant subsystems, trial fitting and matching massive assemblies. We also offer painting, blasting, post-weld thermal spraying, non -destructive testing, and other services.

The company monitors and tracks from the initial procurement from reputable sources through the different processing stages to the completed copy and ultimate delivery to the site. That provides a high-quality standard for all clients as well as confirmation of knowledge for each produced product.

Site Solutions & Services

Nketechnica site services brings together the expertise of numerous specialty teams, ranging from engineers and project planners to off-site and on-site project supervisors. We have mechanical, economic, electrical, and structural repair and maintenance teams available 24 hours a day, seven days a week across the UK.

Our construction team works within your plan and the natural surroundings of your site to produce roads that are appropriate for the site, whether it’s traffic reducing highways in a residential development or highly durable accessibility for commercial vehicles in an industrial area.

Nketechnica provides a complete project service model for electrical and mechanical installations, including handling civil construction companies, supply and distribution piping, handling equipment, dive teams, and industrial automation work to ensure that every deployment is installed and approved to the highest quality.

Water Control Solutions & Services

Nketechnica water control providing high-quality, dependable, and cost-efficient engineering services related to water utilities and other environmental authorities and companies. We have expertise in water and environmental processing and management project design, manufacturing, and installation.

We provide a comprehensive project-managed solution for engineering and manufacturing systems, including supervising civil suppliers and delivering pipes, fabrication, monitoring, and automation work to ensure that each design is installed and certified to the highest standards.

Well-equipped and highly qualified designers may also accomplish detailed steelwork, specific fabrication projects, and access metalwork to the highest requirements using in-house fabrication services requiring CE Marking approval to EXC4.

Environment Control Solutions & Services

Once you’re a solutions provider for numerous industries, the environment is critical because versatility and technology solutions offer the highest level of application accomplishment.

Establishing high compliance requirements while pushing the latest material advances allows Nketechnica to move in conjunction with the speed of the industry, ensuring products that meet original specifications and run effectively.

Nketechnica environmental services encompass the supply of raw resources and energy utilized in producing goods and services, the waste disposal from human activities, and their involvement in life support and environment installation. The concept of environmental services conveys the firm overview that the natural environment includes multiple applications or benefits classified as services.

The environment does not end with the fabrication site. Nketechnica design studios attempt to create practical and aesthetically pleasing blueprints, discussing the possibilities available for their project with customers.